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SAGE Crossroads is the premier online forum for emerging issues of human aging. The onset of the senior boom, coupled with new discoveries in aging-related science and technology is setting the stage for great debate on medical interventions and longevity science. SAGE Crossroads aims to be the balanced, "go-to" site for those interested in engaging in lively discussions about the ethical, political, economic, and societal implications of aging-related science.

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    About this Sagecast:  Dr. Michelle Dipp offers up an industry perspective on treating the symptoms of aging with drugs.  She feels that the biggest challenges to the development of these medicines are scientific rather than rooted in policy, but she exudes confidence that we will tackle the problems of aging with pharmaceuticals in the near future.

    About Dr. Dipp:  Dr. Dipp works as a leader in development for Sirtris Pharmaceuticals.  Read more about Dr. Dipp here.